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Martijn Hessels

As a project manager, consultant and medical engineer Martijn Hessels is involved in product development, innovation processes and the implementation of governmental policies in Dutch healthcare institutions. He has a project management role in the implementation process for the international diagnosis standard ICD-10 in Dutch hospitals and the integration of the ICD-10 in the new Dutch hospital financing system. As a medical engineer he was involved in the development of the Wakeup Light (Philips) and was responsible for the design and marketing strategy of the Rollamate (Endomed). He developed several workshops regarding market access strategies in the Netherlands. As a consultant, Martijn Hessels supports healthcare providers and companies during product development, reimbursement and implementation processes.

Lea Koelemeijer

As a reimbursement consultant and medical anthropologist Lea Koelemeijer is specialised in strategy development and implementation processes in the Dutch healthcare sector. As health economics consultant at an advisory firm and as healthcare implementation advisor at a Dutch governmental organisation, she has broad experience with advisory projects for healthcare providers, companies and researchers. Her field of expertise includes the Dutch and German health financing system (hospital financing system, medical devices, long term care, rehabilitation field, community care), application procedures for reimbursement and purchasing processes of insurance companies. Awareness of the existing differences and similarities in values between the parties in the healthcare field is considered an important stepping-stone towards shared visions.

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