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Crefact creates and realizes inspiring health visions based on a thorough knowledge of health financing and reimbursement processes.


Crefact understands the Dutch healthcare system and brings treatments, products and the implementation of policies into reality. We ensure that our customer's strategies and action plans are built on the relevant facts and methodologies. Among our fields of expertise are the Dutch hospital financing system, the long-term care field, possibilities in the outpatient environment, medical technologies, international diagnosis classifications (ICD-10) and reimbursement procedures.

Central values are the sharing of knowledge and transparency. Therefore, we offer training programs and organise meetings regarding relevant policy developments for our customers. It is our belief that knowledge development is essential for building successful strategies and shared visions for the future.


Together with our customers we create sustainable solutions for the challenges in the Dutch healthcare sector. Structured brainstorm sessions and interaction are used as effective instruments to create inspirational and shared visions.

Innovative and advanced ideas often do not fit into existing organisational and financial structures. Therefore, existing regulations and future policy developments are included as design parameters during the creation of strategies of healthcare providers and companies alike. From our experience, this approach is important to ensure the full realisation of projects within the time schedule.


Crefact helps to bring your visions and policies into reality. We use a proactive and result-driven approach, making clear agreements regarding the scope of projects and our mutual expectations. We ensure adequate communication and coordination during the process - whether we are working on the project management for an implementation trajectory for new policies in a hospital, or whether we are involved in the writing process for a reimbursement dossier -.

Crefact supports healthcare providers, companies and governmental parties during the implementation of diverse projects in health services innovation, cooperation between different providers and the introduction of new governmental policies. We write a clear project plan, generate enthusiasm and support with the involved parties and ensure results.


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